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 Hello! (Need to alter this 10 character restriction D:)

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PostSubject: Hello! (Need to alter this 10 character restriction D:)   Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:43 pm


I'm Penance. Those of you from the Official Tales Forums, Tales of Reservia or any other forum I'm a member at will probably recognise me.
I created this forum because I felt that the Translation Project team I am part of (Nocturnal Creations) deserved it's own forum.
Naturally I'm one of the forum Admins, having created the forum so I'll be checking this forum on a regular basis to check new activity.

I first began hacking games around August last year. I was inspired by Phantasian Productions on going Tales of Destiny 2 project and really wanted to learn how to do it myself. I started by inserting any Tales disc I had into my PC Drive and messing with it a little, looking through lone files, extracting munge files, converting sounds, etc.
I found that Symphonia and Abyss were easiest to deal with.
I am working on Tales of Symphonia alone. It's not quite near finished and it's questionable if it will be released because of the fact the text has extreme issues but people seem to urge me to release it so you might get lucky! It will be a menu patch only, the text issue is so fustrating I'm not even considering a script translation. Skits possibly, the text is nicer than the Menu and script.
I've recentley only begun working on Tales of Rebirth with Atlas and Conn. We havn't done much yet a part from translating Arte names and I can't get any real editing done until I get my Pandora Battery + Magic Memory Stick for the PSP so I can play the edited game on my own PSP.

Well that's my little introduction over, see you all around the forum!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello! (Need to alter this 10 character restriction D:)   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:36 am

WOW! Great work, Penance, great work! Very Happy
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Hello! (Need to alter this 10 character restriction D:)
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