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 The Rules - Read Me Please.

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The Rules - Read Me Please. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules - Read Me Please.   The Rules - Read Me Please. I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 2:28 pm

Just gonna go over some quick rules. So, please give this a read there isn't much.

* Don't post links to any ROMs/ISOs - Yes this is a hacking forum but we have our resources and it would save us trouble if you didn't link to anything in the forums. Save that for PMs and IMs thank you.

* Don't post links to any translation guides for any project we are currently working on. It's bad form to just copy someone elses hard work. We'd rather not use someone elses translation as a base.

* Be nice. - Really simple and self explanatory. I don't mind swearing at all since to be perfectly honest I swear quite a lot however be kind to people here I won't deal with any bullshit.

* Report all issues to a mod. - Have an issue with somebody on the forums and would like for it to be brought to our attention? PM a mod its that simple. We don't have a points system like the official forums but we will take care of the issue.

Please note this rules can be changed at any moment as we see fit and we will also add rules if needed. Thanks and have a fun time.
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The Rules - Read Me Please.
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